Day 252: DIY Grown Up Princess

crownSometimes I think the Clean Bin Project is just turning into a big DIY project.

Last week we celebrated Grant’s niece’s second birthday, and I decided to make our gift using what we had around the house.

Grant and I copied an idea I saw at a craft fair a couple years ago and made a princess-themed growth chart.  I sewed a princess cape and crown out of scrap material to go with it.

We got the wood for the growth chart from the seemingly limitless pile beside our house (our landlords are renovating upstairs) and cut out the shapes with my Dad’s borrowed scroll saw.  We painted it with paint we had in our ‘arts and crafts’ stash.

I do have a bag of random cloth in my sewing stuff, but I must admit that most of the costume material actually came from scraps that my mom had.  They just looked much more princess-y than what I had around, so thanks Mom!

Full disclosure here – we had intended it to be a Christmas gift, but we were too slow, so now (8weeks later)  it ended up being a birthday gift.  It’s ok – she’s only two – she won’t remember opening it anyway.

All and all, we were quite proud of the results.  Hopefully the outfit will last the birthday girl for quite a few years and we can slowly add to her dress-up collection.  I don’t have a photo of the little princess wearing her crown, but Grant did give it a go to make sure it worked before we wrapped it up, and he gave it the a-ok.




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4 responses to “Day 252: DIY Grown Up Princess

  1. lol, what a lovely princess!! 🙂

    Great idea to use the scraps around!! & indeed, a wonderful gift!!

    (I think the crown looks even better than what my Dad had as one of the ‘Holy 3 Men’ walking around & singing!! What was it made of exactly?
    Looks very cozy, & better than cardboard crowns we had as kiddies!!)

    Would love to see the growth chart too – is there a pic?

    • I was pretty happy with that crown if I do say so myself.
      The main crown is quilted gold material – I just sewed two pieces together and turned them inside-out. I hand sewed the diamonds and trim on and used elastic at the back so it could fit all sizes.

      I’ll take a photo of the growth chart as well.

  2. Auntie Pauline

    A shame Grant had to part with it. Keith

  3. Linda

    Our little princess (and her parents) really appreciate all your efforts. Little Lauren always points to her growth chart; we call it her “castle“ from Uncle Grant and Auntie Jen. You guys are incredible – your efforts and your lifestyle! Lauren looks forward to more fun costumes to add to her dress-up box. Thank YOU!

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