Day 240: Waste Watch Wednesday – Dash Weh Yuh Trash

Ohhh, I see a wednesday video-watching theme emerging here.  (no promises that I can keep up with it)

I’ve had this song about trash in my head for several weeks after first seeing it over at Everyday Trash, so it had to be shared.

Even though it’s about where to put garbage and not about recycling, I think the point of cleaning up our environment is a good one.  And dang, that accent just makes you want to shake your booty around the living room:


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One response to “Day 240: Waste Watch Wednesday – Dash Weh Yuh Trash

  1. This is the best video ever! How the heck did you find this? I love how the girls in the purple start yelling at each other at about 50seconds in. When you click that link, did you see the shoes that Botas Dacca designer made underneath, they are so neat!

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