Day 235: Clean Bin on CBC News

If you’re in Vancouver, check us out on the CBC 6 o’clock news tonight!  We just spent the morning with Lisa Johnson, the environment reporter, and they’re doing a tiny segment on our waste-free project.

We gave them free range of our recycling area – hopefully we come off as inspiring and not crazy!  I’ll try to get a copy of the clip on here soon after it airs.

Also, Grant has managed to put together a trailer for our documentary of the project, so I’ll be posting that here soon too.



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5 responses to “Day 235: Clean Bin on CBC News

  1. Claire

    I saw it, you guys did a great job!

  2. Oh fab! I hope you can put it up on your site for us to see. I’m off to look at your trailer now.

    Keep up the great work; it’s lovely when we get the chance to share our message 🙂

  3. Thanks for letting us in to film your garbage, or lack thereof.

    We’ve been feeling pretty good at home about, say, one grocery bag of garbage a week. But spending the morning with you guys is making me think a lot about what we could do better.

    Here’s an early link:

    It’s “early” because this clip is misisng the intro (read by Ian/Glo) and the supers (your names, web address). That’s because the weekend player was loaded *before* the show went to air.


  4. Jen CleanBin

    A big thanks to Lisa for telling our story on the CBC. We had a great time filming it in the morning and were really impressed by the quick and quality editing!
    It feels great to think that people are actually interested in what we’re doing.

  5. Becky

    great feature on the news….you both are inspirational…

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