Day 226: Why Eat Out?

That is what I keep asking myself.  Why eat take out when you know it’s just going to be a big hassle to explain that you want your  falafal wrap in your own container with no paper wrapping? NO paper.

Then I receive a wrap covered in two pieces of paper, a napkin, and a paper bag INSIDE my reusable plastic container.  No joke.

I know it seems like I’m asking for it by even trying to dine out, but there was nothing at home to make lunch with, and I did pick a nice local restaurant that doesn’t use styrofoam which I thought indicated that they were trying to cut back on needless waste.  I even heard the order-taker tell the wrap guy to make it with no paper involved. . . .

In retrospect, I should have asked for it on a “for here” plate and then transferred it to my container myself.

It’s not in the Clean Bin Rules, but I’m going to try a new approach and mail the paper waste back to them with a nice letter.



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5 responses to “Day 226: Why Eat Out?

  1. kate

    a nice letter? i’m sure they’ll be delighted

  2. It sounds like they were trying to piss you off because you asked for it with no paper. Is that what you’re saying? Or just demonstrating how much crap comes with a takeout meal?

    • Jen CleanBin

      No, I don’t think they were trying to piss me off. The guy in the back was just making so many that he forgot – it wasn’t on his mind. It just seems ironic to me considering they chose to have 100% recycled napkins, but then needlessly handed them out to people who didn’t want them. It’s still a waste, even if it’s a recycled waste. I’ve realized the reduction mindset just isn’t as prevalent as the recycle mindset yet, but that’s part of the reason I still eat out. Nothing changes if you just avoid the topic, just like how the restaurateur has no idea you have a problem unless you tell them.

  3. Emilie

    A slightly related topic… I was a little shocked when the staff from a deli counter used a disposable plastic glove to take my one cookie from the display case… I know other places don’t bother and only use tongs. Is this outside the scope of your clean bin, since the gloves stay on the other side of the counter? Probably not something that can be changed just by asking on the spot because of food policies etc., but still a little frustrating.

  4. Jen CleanBin

    Yes, we consider that within the scope. If we see someone use a plastic glove that they’re going to throw out afterward, we snag it and take it home to recycle.
    Then we make a mental note not to shop there.

    I agree, it’s completely frustrating. Especially because some places use paper and some use plastic to pick up food. I think that food safety is a little out of control, and tongs would usually work just fine.

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