Day 222: Indoor Cake Greenhouse

cakeA couple weeks ago, we had friends over for dinner, and they brought a delicious cake.  But not just any cake, a cake that was (gasp) packaged in a hard plastic case!  Of course, we didn’t say anything, and it is curbside recyclable #1 PETE plastic, but we wouldn’t normally buy something in such a large, disposable package.

It seemed like too good of a container to recycle right away (reuse before recycle is always better), so it has been sitting in the “rigid plastics” section of our kitchen recycling center ever since, waiting for an idea.

Well, this morning I had a great idea for reusing it: indoor greenhouse!

sprout2I have 4 little garlic bulbs who were meant for eating, but who magically started sprouting on their own.  I helped them out by putting them in water, and they have been growing pretty steadily for a couple weeks.  They’re ready for transplant.sprout3

I have read a few articles lately about ditching the ubiquitous plastic seedling cups for homemade toilet paper roll seedling cups, so this was my opportunity.  I made 4 little cups, placed them on the cake tray, transplanted the garlic, and put the lid on.  Perfect indoor greenhouse.sprout4

My onely question is.  Do you think I need holes in it, so the plants can breathe, or can I just open it every once in a while and air them out?  (I don’t want it to be too open because the little buggers have a pretty strong garlic odor that is already starting to take over the kitchen.)



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6 responses to “Day 222: Indoor Cake Greenhouse

  1. Justine

    I think a couple holes near the bottom of the clear plastic would be enough for ventilation without compromising the greenhouse. Great idea!

  2. I think it’s a good idea to poke holes in the top — but then again, I love the smell of garlic. Is there another place that you can move the mini greenhouse to?

  3. That is utterly amazing; I love your propogator! And I’m glad the toilet roll inner pots worked out for you.

    I can’t help thinking that that was some cake to have such an enormous box LOL! We would never get anything so HUGE over here!

    I would definitely make holes in the top for the plants to breathe. I think you’ll get condensation in there which might rot them. Also they need some CO2, so give them some air!

  4. Di

    Pretty much this is a recycled version of winter sowing and yep I’ve reused/recycled these type of containers before but never one so big! You lucky thing! Yep make holes in the top just 3-4 small holes for some ventilation. Otherwise the condensation will cause mold and rot the compost and seedlings.

    • Jen CleanBin

      Thanks for the tips everyone. I gave the little guys some ventilation, so they’ll be able to breathe. I’m thinking about adding some other seedlings this weekend.

  5. This is ingenious! I love both ideas, the greenhouse and the toilet paper roll planters. I have several of these containers in storage waiting for some type of use. This is perfect. Thanks for the wonderful ideas!

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