Day 220: Out of Conditioner

shampooI knew it would happen.  After 220 days, I’m officially out of conditioner (actually, I ran out of shampoo too, but I have a previously rejected half bottle bottle still under the sink).

I’m able to avoid the dreaded bin because the bottle is #1 plastic (curbside recyclable), but I’m going to try to last the rest of the project without buying more conditioner based on the fact that I’m not convinced that hair products are actually essential hygiene.

It’s the same reason that I’m not buying mascara or eyeliner.  They look good, but I can still function and maintain basic levels of  “clean” just fine without them (ie.  I don’t smell).

I use a minuscule amount of conditioner anyway.  It is a leave-in variety, so it means I don’t waste water in the shower past the shampoo stage and just put in a quarter-sized amount once I’m dried off.  A bottle lasts me over a year easy.  Grant isn’t a conditioner kind of guy either, so I don’t have to share my precious supplies.

Usually I have two hairstyles: straightened or ponytail.  But last night, the very same night I ran out of conditioner, I was feeling a bit lazy.  Not only did I not condition, I did not straighten, or brush, or do anything actually except sleep on my wet hair, get up, barbarellaand come into the office.

Needless to say, there was much discussion about my hair at work this morning.  Most of the banter centered around a comment about Barbarella which, after looking up what the heck that was (yes, I am not up to date on my 1968 pop culture as I hadn’t been born yet), I decided to take as a compliment.  Despite Jane Fonda’s obviously non-office-appropriate Barbarella attire, I think her hair looks pretty darn good.  And I can assure you that she did not, as I did, achieve that volume naturally.

So, day one of no conditioner has been a-ok.  I’m thinking I can last the next 5 months, but I’ll let you know how it goes.



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6 responses to “Day 220: Out of Conditioner

  1. Neat! Are you going to try to go no ‘poo altogether and live with baking soda for shampoo and cider vinegar for conditioner? I’ll be out of conditioner by the end of next week, and I think that’s my strategy (though I’m a little nervous about it).

  2. I never buy conditioner; I use a cider vinegar rinse instead. It works really well, and is far cheaper than conditioner.
    If your hair is thick, a couple of drops of olive oil smoothed through the ends is good. Don’t do it on fine hair though; you’ll end up with an oily slick (she speaks from experience!)

  3. kate

    i guess we are opposite – my hair is always crazy (ie. no blowdrier or straightener here), but there’s no way i’m gonna give up shampoo or conditioner. though i’m intrigued my this cider vinegar thing. do you know that lush sells unpackaged shampoo and conditioner?

  4. I stopped buying shampoo over a year and half ago. We just use Dr. Bronner’s liquid castile soap as shampoo, body wash, and shave gel. I can buy it bulk at my local food coop so nothing goes in the bin. I haven’t given up the conditioner yet, just using a lot less of it.

    Right now I am experimenting with washing my hair once a week or less. It started out okay, but lately I’m noticing white flakes (dandruff? I’ve never had it so I don’t know.) and my head is itchy! My hair looks fine, but the flakes are creeping me out.

  5. Jen CleanBin

    I’m a bit worried that olive oil will make me smell like salad dressing, but I do have dry hair, so it would probably be worth a try.

    It looks like cider vinegar is the popular alternative conditioner choice. I’m willing to give it a go. To date, I keep forgetting until I’m already in the shower, and then it’s too late.

    Thanks for the lush tip Kate – I am planning that as my last resort if using nothing doesn’t work.
    Seems like many people, as Greeen Sheeep mentions, use Dr Bronners. I haven’t tried it yet, and I do like the idea of one product for many uses, but doesn’t it come in a plastic bottle?

  6. On the Dr. Bronners, it does come in plastic. (We use it for a few things, but not hair yet).

    So far, in Vancouver, I’ve been able to get it in the gallon jug — cheaper and lower package:product ratio — but only through special order.

    There are shops elsewhere that do it in bulk (saw one recently in Seattle, also Nelson I think) but I haven’t seen that here yet.

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