Day 153: Sandwiches and Plastic Chandeliers

abeego_snackLast weekend I had a double dose of culture.  First I went to  the Eastside Culture Crawl, an annual event here in Vancouver where artists open the doors to their homes and studios and let you tromp about and admire their artwork.  Then I went to the One of a Kind art show, a huge indoor original art fair.  I saw literally hundreds of artists (and yes, I managed to restrain myself and not buy anything).

Being of the ever vigilant waste-free mindset, a couple of artists caught my eye.

The first one is Abeego Designs, based out of Victoria BCabeedo_sandwich which makes a “natural, reusable snack pack made from hemp/cotton fabric infused with a blend of beeswax and plant extracts”.  It’s basically an attractive, reusable substitute for plastic sandwich wrap or ziploc bags.

Granted, it isn’t useful for soup or curry leftovers, but it does fold up very small and flat – perfect for your purse or backpack.  Plus, it comes in a sandwich or a snack pack size, both of which fold out flat into a little place mat type deal.

I’d imagine that this natural food wrap would also be great for wrapping deli cheese in the fridge if you’re trying to stay away from plastic containers.  Either way, it is hand made (even the wax is applied by hand), free from toxic dyes, and will definitely garner you some attention at the lunch table.

2l_candleThe second artist is MINeD design.  Besides astounding folding wooden chairs and kinetic sculptures, he also makes intricate objects out of recycled plastic containers.

Check out this chandelier made from 2 litre milk containers.  The organic shape reminds me of antlers or bones or . . .I don’t know, but it is pretty amazing.  Plus, he is reusing materials in a decidedly functional way.

Isn’t it great when art, function, and the environment come together?



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4 responses to “Day 153: Sandwiches and Plastic Chandeliers

  1. Yep! nothing puts a smile on my face as quick as that….upcycled stuff and useful stuff that makes you avoid waste!

  2. thanks for having visited my blog (even if it’s in french, that shows that you’re a heroine to have even dared, hihihi!) I really appreciated! I translated your comms, so everyone can read them. Dis, you know, that sells the sandwich wrappers too, and that their wrappers are veeeeery easy to copie, if you can saw a little? (just need some old, but fun tissue for the outside and an ols beeswaxed tablecloth for the inside)

  3. Jen CleanBin

    Thanks for your comments Esther. I checked out wrap-n-mat, but it unfortunately comes wrapped in plastic, so it is out for me. I like the idea of DIY, but where the heck do you find a beeswax tablecloth. . .

  4. hihi, usually in some drawer, or mama’s/grandma’s attick….

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