Day 150: CleanBin on the Boob Toob

We’re famous!  Ok, maybe not really, but a couple weeks ago we got interviewed by BCIT Magazine, a student news program here in Vancouver.  Rhyannon was at physio, but Grant and I got our 2 minutes of fame:


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6 responses to “Day 150: CleanBin on the Boob Toob

  1. Jen – that’s brilliant. I can’t wait to see your own documentary too. The ones that you and Grant have done of your skiing and cycling adventures are inspirational. Anyway, just wanted to let you know that your guest post is up on The Rubbish Diet today, just in time for Buy Nothing Day. Thanks so much for that and for being so inspirational. 😀 x

  2. Oh wow – that was brilliant and I LOVED seeing you (and hearing you of course). What fun – both of us having our moments of fame in the same week!
    It was very inspirational – it’s so true that we can go on holiday for a while and only need a tiny fraction of all the ‘stuff’ we have at home; I often think about this but I live with a hoarder – argh!!!……………..
    Thank you for sharing the film 🙂

  3. Jen CleanBin

    Thanks for the comments ladies. It was quite fun to have a news crew in the house, and I thought they did a great editing job. We have so many different bins, it’s hard to show them all!

  4. hihi, that’s exactly the answer to the question I put on the rubbish diets blog; where do you find tofu that’s not wrapped in plastic…well, I found that you…;don’t; You might want to try and make it yourself??

  5. Jen CleanBin

    Well actually, we have started buying it at the deli at Choices. It’s really expensive, but it’s very tasty (already diced and flavored). We figure every week or so is worth it.

    I should try making tofu. I made soya milk once, but tofu requires a bit more time commitment. .. .

    Same with cheese, we buy from the deli. We end up eating way less because it is more expensive and we have to go out of our lazy way to go to the deli.

  6. Hey, congratulations! Way cool!

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