Day 145: Accidental Bloomin’ Gift Garbage

105359`So I haven’t told everyone in my life about the Clean Bin Project.  But the problem with that is, when an opportunity for gift giving comes around, they don’t know “the rules“, and we end up with more garbage.

This week I was generously given a lovely bouquet of roses which, by the way, I very much appreciate.  And I should say that I in no way want to undermine the sentiment of gift giving, especially of flowers.  After all, they are biodegradable aren’t they?  Ah ha, but I forgot about the packaging.

From one bouquet I was left with a huge square of cellophane wrap, two elastic bands, two pieces of ribbon, a large synthetic bow, two pieces of tissue paper, a packet of that powder they use to make flowers last longer, and 12 individual plastic water vase things. With lids.  You know, the ones that stick on the end of each rose and keep the flowers fresh while they are transported from the store to your house?

Also, one of those foil balloons filled with helium.balloon1 And no, I’m not 21.  That balloon is for illustration purposes only.

So, that’s a lot of stuff.  Luckily, most if not all can be reused and or recycled.  I’m going to have a go at taking the plastic vase things back to the florist to reuse.  The cellophane, ribbon, tissue and bow can be used again to wrap gifts.  I do already have a lot of elastics, but what the heck, another one on the pile.

Actually, even the foil balloon can be reused.  My niece has a foil bee that she’s crazy about, and her parents just keep getting it refilled over and over and over.  It’s like a new gift every time (ok, I admit she’s two and it won’t work forever).

So I guess what’s troubling me is that all these packagy things were brand new, and no matter how many times I reuse them, they will still one day end up in the landfill and people will continue to buy brand new items and so more and more will be manufactured.

Except of course for the roses which will last for weeks and will then be composted in my backyard.  They were the real gift anyway, not the packaging, so they’re the part I’m going to enjoy.

Anyone want a slightly used foil balloon to re-inflate?



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2 responses to “Day 145: Accidental Bloomin’ Gift Garbage

  1. Ahhh, lovely gift, but I hear you on the packaging. I had such a beautiful bouquet of flowers sent to me on the first day of our zero waste week. They were wrapped in biodegradable cellophane, proper rafia ribbon and were kept damp in soaked coir which can be reused, used as a liner in a hanging basket or composted.
    Enjoy the flowers and good luck with reusing / taking back the packaging 🙂

  2. Oh…they get you when you’re not looking don’t they 😀

    For my fortieth I had a vase of flowers delivered by a local florist. It came with a wire contraption covered in pink stuff to decorate the vase. One month later I called the florist to see if they wanted the contraption back. They almost fell off their chair in shock. I guess most people would throw them in the bin.

    Anyway Jen. If you’re celebrating Thanksgiving, I’d like to wish you a happy one and hope that it is pretty much waste free 😀 x

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