Day 143: Drinking Straws and New Vocabulary


“No straw please.”

Although I always try to say it, sometimes I forget.  Or they can’t hear me.  Or they forget.  Or they don’t care.  Or whatever.  Regardless, I have quite a collection of drinking straws in my “un-numbered plastics” bin.

I had been intending to recycle them at the end of the year, but lately another option has caught my crafty eye.  Lampshades.  Check out how to make this cool one from Addicted to Decorating here.  But don’t buy your straws like they suggest, reuse them.

If you don’t fancy yourself a craftsperson, you can still recycle your drinking straws at any place that takes mixed plastics.  If you live in the lowermainland, we go to the Pacific Mobile Depot (North Van or Vancouver Island) or Happy Stan’s.

Speaking of which, I learned a new term today care of Happy Stan’s.  They write a “tip of the month” on their website, and this month’s is right up our alley:

Precycling is the step before recycling. This is the process of making a conscious choice to purchase or use products and services which will have a less harmful effect on the Environment.

That is EXACTLY what we are trying to do.  Yay for new vocabulary.


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One response to “Day 143: Drinking Straws and New Vocabulary

  1. Layla

    That lamp looks pretty but not sure how un-meltable it is!! :))

    good to know you have facilities for recycling mixed plastics.. not sure if we have them here in Slovenia..

    I totally agree about precycling & conscious shopping!! (still getting there though lol..)

    And YAY for new vocabulary indeed!! 🙂

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