Day 98: Interactions in Waste

At a popular dine-in establishment.

“Can I ask you a favour?  Can I get my meal on a plate instead of in a plastic basket.  And can I get it with no foil liner?”

“They usually come in a basket.”

“I know, but I’m doing a project this year.  Can I get it with no paper, no plastic, just the food?”

“Oh, you’re trying to reduce garbage?”

“Ya, that’s it.  So, no paper, no plastic.  Is that ok?”

“Ok.  No problem.”

After which I receive a meal dutifully placed on a plate garnished with a little cup of dipping sauce made out of, you guessed it, un-numbered plastic.

I’m not sure what else to say.



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6 responses to “Day 98: Interactions in Waste

  1. 😀 oh dear. You never can account for those tiny things that jump up and bite you on the bum can you? It’s a whole new way of looking at things, and no doubt a few months ago I would have done exactly the same.

    At least you got the reuseable plate 😉 Some kid will love the pot for storing tiny treasures in, I know my dd would

  2. Good for you to ask for alternatives. Too bad they snuck one in on you. Makes me think of the V8 commercials. Getting visions of you looking down at your plate and bonking the server in the forehead.

    We rarely eat out, so I have not gotten this far yet. One thing we do occasionally is get take and bake pizza. It comes wrapped like a thousand times in plastic cling wrap. I need to come up with a way to get it home sans plastic wrap.

  3. Shucks – the little imps get you every time. The only thing you can do is keep trying ;-D

  4. Jen CleanBin

    Ah Greeen Sheeep, bonus points for making me laugh today! As for eating out, I think we’ve been doing it more than ever since we have less packaged stuff in the house and are more inclined to think it would be a hassle to cook. I envy all you people who refrain from dining out on a regular basis. Thanks for the comments!

  5. hmm.. Maybe there needs to be a place with all the zero-waste-friendly establishments in the world? Like, places where such things wouldn’t happen?
    There are sites for eg people with the celiac or other food allergies, why not a zero waste food/travel guide? (online/book) hmm..?

  6. Anne

    That’s unfortunate. I’ve had reasonably good response from Kojima Sushi on Commercial Drive when I’ve asked to get my take-out in my own tupperware containers. They are very enthusiastic about helping my boyfriend and I reduce our waste, even giving us a little extra if the container has space for it.

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