Day 89: Compostable Gala at the Film Fest

The one time we forget our reusable mugs, and it’s open bar.

Last night, Grant and I went to the International Vancouver Film Festival Gala.  Our first gala.  Ever.  We knew there would be food;we knew there would be drink; we naively thought that they would serve thousands of people with real wine glasses.

I managed to snag one of the few ceramic side plates floating around, but the only beverage option was plastic.  Or was it?

Turns out that the Vancouver Aquarium, in line with it’s ocean saving mandate, uses only compostable dishes.  After being informed by one of the staff, we looked around, and sure enough, they had signs posted around and compost bins with volunteers standing by.  They used thin paper plates as well as forks and cups made from corn.

Until we found out about the corn we were originally contemplating a) making an origami cup out of a reused paper bag I had in my purse or b) using someone’s secondhand (and unwashed) plastic cup.  (no we did not consider not drinking).

In an ideal situation, we would have brought our own cups, but as it was, compostable was the best option.   In any case, it gave us an opportunity to test the compostablity of these suckers.  We both saved our cups for a little experiment in our backyard compost.  We’ll get back in a couple months on how the decomposition is going.  I have a feeling they only really break down in industrial composting conditions, but we’ll find out.

Also, in a shameless plug, I’m going to recommend you see Borealis at the Vancouver International Film Festival.  Filmed by Frank Wolf, also starring Taku Hokoyama, music by Phontaine (aka Grant).


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